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Note: This mechanic no longer exists.[1][2]

A referral was a one-time gift to every account that became a premium player. It was able to be given away to another player who has had premier playing time at least once, in order to express your gratitude to them for introducing you to Wurm, or helping you out, or for whatever reason. You could also sell it for ingame currency.


A referred player was able to pick one of the following choices:

The referral also gave the player on the receiving end one hour of sleep bonus.


The player that gave the referral should have typed /refer (or /referals) on the chat line. A panel would then open into which they would then type the name of the person they want to give the referral to.

The player that received the referral should have typed /refer (or /referals) on the chat line. A panel would then open on which they were allowed to select whether they want 20 days of premium time or 3 silver.

Received referrals were able to be accumulated and claimed later at any time.


  • The referred player must have had premium at least once. So you could not have made a free player into a premium player via referral.
  • You have only gotten a referral the first time you became a premium, not if you let the premium expire and then later pay again.
  • You may have only referred once.
  • You may have not referred to yourself.
  • You could not have given away received referrals.
  • You may have not changed referrer once you selected one, even if he/she did not collect the reward.


  • You got a referral when buying premium from the shop for the first time.