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Disclaimer: This article is not an official document. It attempts to accurately describe current policy and statements made by the developers, but should not be taken as binding or otherwise limiting. If an authoritative statement is required, it should be requested directly from Rolf.


In Wurm Online the Game Masters (GMs) serve several purposes, some pertaining more to certain server types. They mediate player conflicts that may result from griefing, examine bugs, investigate exploits, and a handful of other less colorful things. GMs are responsible for enforcing rules throughout the game and handling the penalties given to players that refuse to follow them.

The original GMs were chosen from the initial player-base by the founding developers. Since then that tradition has continued with new GMs being selected by the Head Game Master and the current team. This means that all GMs are players just like us! Typically a GM is someone that has long term game experience, has shown a willingness to help and contribute to the community, and may have spent time as one of the many other volunteer roles.

The Team

Please refer to the forum post Team List for the current list of GM's



Game Masters

  • Head Game Master - The boss; the head of all game staff.
  • Assistant Head Game Master - Assistants to the Head Game Master, overseeing the various game and moderation teams.
  • Game Master - Handles escalated support tickets. They collect information, assist with bug resolution if possible in game, and enforce game rules. They do not assist with normal game situations.

Support roles

  • Lead Chat Moderator - Manages the team of Community Assistants and Chat Moderators.
  • Lead Forum Moderator - Manages all forum and board moderators, employs an Assistant Lead Forum Moderator.


Many staff characters are immune to the /ignore command and may have different color player outline, text in chat and the text in the player list. A good test, if in doubt, is to attempt to /ignore a player claiming to be staff, an error will appear in the event window if they are indeed who they claim to be. Another way is to attempt to give the person a negative reputation in a settlement, the game will tell you:"please make sure that <staffmember name> is a normal player."

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