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Wild Server Recruiting

"I have spent my life of Wurm watching and studying the many ways a Wurmian spends their days. I have noticed the small things that lead to friendship and the large things that lead to betrayal. I have seen the building of cities and the destruction of dreams. And in all my time i have yet to understand the Soul that lives on the Home server.

To build a bond with someone you must spend time with them and understand them as the person they are. And to be deemed a true friend you must risk life and limb for the protection of that bond and make sure you never do anything to put that bond into question.

When a nation builds its walls it does so to raise the moral of the citizens. Citizens will not work their best if there is a constant threat of a raiding nemesis who can think for themselves. A battle hardened foe who knows your weaknesses that you may not even know yourself. How can a person concentrate without knowing they are safe to do what the Nation needs of them.

When the walls are up and you devote yourself to protecting your people, that is when they finally see you as the Leader you are trying to become. You build your nation's walls and they can actually see the power that you say you have. Because in the end actions speak louder than words. They finally have the ability to Focus on helping you and their Nation become whatever it wants to be.

But lets remove This Nemesis... what would occur? your citizens no longer have anything to fear. They go out in search of a threat because it is the Adrenaline in life that makes the good times seem better. Its the pain that makes the human mind appreciate the fact that it Is alive. But what happens when the fear isn't even there. They search and they cannot find it, they miss the Euphoric feeling of conquering something and coming out on top. They miss having their work mean something. And so they either go out on their own for good or just disappear into the abyss never to be seen again. Worse yet they spend there times skipping through the shadows trying to get caught doing things that may cause risk to their life... they create the fear for themselves by putting themselves in harms way.

Is this not what the Homeserver truly is? They live their lives with no real risk, and they build their walls for no real reason. The leadership faulters because there is no real goal to keep the Ranks together and working as one. They have their Pipe dreams that faulter in the wake of no aftermath. If you do succeed at building what ever it is you build.... what will come of it? will you ever have to defend it or risk your lives to protect what others helped you accomplish? or will it just rot away and be forgotten in the history of Wurm like so many towns before it. Like so many lost dreams of meaningless application.

So in the end it is our True enemy that makes us who we are. Humanity needs the constant fear to enjoy the constant love of a battle hardened brotherhood or a romance filled marriage. The Yin is always in constant battle with the Yang, for if one consumes the other it eventually consumes itself. Because they are one in the same.

You wonder why your friends seem to constantly disappear or go away to find their own glory. Because they are in search of the meaning to life. Why are they here? Why do they spend there days the way they do? Whats to keep them here and actually interested in anything this life has to offer?

Adrenaline is a drug, just like the most savoury steak or your first kiss. Life needs its highs and lows because it is what makes the mundane bearable. Your body needs something other than a meal and a tool to keep it interested in what life has to offer.

So Go Wild with your life. See what it can offer." - Jarosz