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Editors are able to:

  • create and edit talk/discussion pages
  • create and edit non-protected pages

An editor is the eyes and ears to the community. Collecting information from the forums, chats, and test server. Helping review, test, and confirm the different page’s game information. They are the foundation of the Wurmpedia, having the most hands on position throughout the whole team, collecting, updating, and delivering the most up to date content to the database. They will help us to bring the Wurmpedia above and beyond the standards we all come to expect.

List of all editors


Simply click Log in in the top right of the page. You'll be taken to a log in page where you can click on the option that says "Don't have an account? Join Wurmpedia". Fill this out and you'll have an editor's account. Make sure you read the Wurmpedia editing handbook!