Hell horse

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Hell horse
A Hell horse
Aggressive: Unpredictably
Tamable: Yes
Can be dominated: No
Groomable: No
Butchering products: Meat, fat, tail, hoof, eye, hide, bladder
Eats: Grain, seeds, vegetables, and meat; grazes
Ridable: At 31 BC
Swimmer: No

Lair: Steppe

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This fiery creature is rumoured to be the mounts of the demons of Sol.


  • Even though red outlined they don't attack automatic, but they may attack unpredictably when not tamed.
  • Rideable at 31 body control.
    • As a mount ~5kmh faster than normal horses.
    • Still attacks rider unless tamed.
  • Breedable (not with normal horses) and offsprings get traits and names like normal horses.
    • Offsprings do not have a 'foal' stage like normal horses have.
  • Minimum skill for taming ~ 60.
  • When tamed/charmed:


Hell horses deal burn damage with these attacks

  • Kick.
  • Bite
  • Fire breath, 4 tile cone (Does not hurt rider.)


A hellhorse