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Welcome to the Complete Database

The Complete Database is a reference to the whole of Wurm. Please select a category that you wish to look at. Feel free to edit and create pages! If you do, read the guidelines - click the link at the bottom of this page to read them.

There is a list of all the items and information about them in this category.
There is a list of all the skills and information about them in this category.
A list of resources found in the game. These are raw materials like types of wood and ore.
A list of all the monsters that can be found. There are some pictures from travelers and fighters and information about each creature too.
About the terrain, information about tile types and trees.
About the fighting system.
About the different religions of Wurm such as Fo, Vynora, Magnaron and Libila.
About the different kingdoms of Wurm like Jenn-Kellon.
About the different servers that Wurm offers.
About the currency and monetary system.
Trade in the world of Wurm.
Background story of the game.
About the highway system and its mechanics.
Wurm Universe
The space and time, and the land and sky of the Wurm Universe.

What is the Complete Database?
The Complete Database is a reference of Wurm items, resources, skills and basically everything to do with Wurm. It is organised in a neat fashion and made by the players of Wurm. This means you can edit it if you have some knowledge of Wurm that is not in this great database. But if you do, read the guidelines.

See also the style guidelines for editing the wiki.