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This seems to be the only suitable place to suggest this, sorry if it is not. It is my opinion that a standard for expressing weights and measures in the wiki should be adopted and firmly kept to. The problem mostly arises in the case of stackable or combinable items. For example, please refer to the Stone Forge Page. It lists the ingredients of a Stone Forge as 11 Bricks and 11 Clay. Here 11 Clay is meant to denote 11 count clay of the default weight in which you dig it (2wt). Since clay stacks are totally variable, and combinable, this simple count is unhelpful and undescriptive.

This is also a problem of consistancy where most smithing entries list kgs for necessary ingrediants, there are other entries that deal with amorphously weighted items that do NOT signify the weight and instead expect the reader to know what the "default" weight is for each count. Stone Wall is another such entry.

My suggested solution to this problem is very simple. Every quantifier in this whole wiki should be immediately followed by an indication of measure. This includes items that are simple counts. So, in my opinion, the Stone Forge entry should read 11ct Stone Bricks and 22wt Clay. Count is here sufficient for Stone Bricks since they come in only one weight. While it may seem supurfluous to include "ct" onto such items (when no such suffix would imply it means count), I think for ultimate clarity in the face of previous vagueness is necessary.

As a side note, I would like us to decide whether or not kgs as the standard weight of measure will be adhered to. I don't have too strong an opinion on this matter except to say that if nowhere are the devs explicit about the unit of weight, then we should revert to simply "wt" or weight. I say this because leading people to believe that the standard measurement of weight is kgs ingame may cause some to make erroneous calculations or speculations when none are intended by the devs.

--Hephaestus 08:11, 16 February 2006 (CST)

Moved this from article to here. --Lain Iwakura 14:38, 15 May 2006 (CDT)



  1. Please try to keep the breadcrumbs at the top of each page (Main / Skills / Carpentry / Small Wooden Cart).
  2. Please use correct spelling and do not use slang.
  3. Use the Categories!
  4. Don't use underscores in links - you don't need them!
  5. Try to keep the same style throughout the whole database.
  6. Use templates to format your page if they are provided.
  7. Use links to other pages.
  8. Try not to bias pages.
  9. Do not post suggestions.
  10. Please fill in the gaps in the database.

Example page compatible with guidelines

Main / Skills / Carpentry / Small Wooden Cart


A small wooden cart is used to transport weight that your player cannot carry across land. Many people use them for dirt and ore.


A small wooden cart takes lots of wood and carpentry skill to make. You need to build two wheels, a shaft and attatch them together. You may also need some small nails and planks.

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I've added breadcrumbs to all the pages that I've found that don't have them. Please use them as it keeps the navigation tidy. To link to categories do this:

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--Ancient 20:55, 24 August 2005 (CDT)

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