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A male player wearing a full set of black drake hide armour.

Armour for your body, so you won't get injured as severely when being hit in combat or otherwise. Drake hide is the best leatherworking based armour existing in Wurm.

It's highly valued for its rarity, extremely light weight, and superior protection properties; however the wearer suffers a -30% penalty to spell casting and archery. Its base damage reduction equals that of iron plate armour. It has a relatively small penalty to walking speed of 9.6%.

You will need to use a needle on a piece of drake hide of sufficient weight. Drake hide can now only be obtained by being in Local range, and having premium time, when a dragon hatchling is being slain. Drake hide can be traded with other players, and the pieces can be combined. Drake hide armour is very difficult to create and to improve.

Creation Material Requirements

Item Hide Weight
Drake hide jacket 0.60 kg
Drake hide pants 0.50 kg
Drake hide boot 0.40 kg
Drake hide cap 0.30 kg
Drake hide sleeve 0.30 kg
Drake hide glove 0.20 kg
Full Set (No cap) 2.90 kg
Full Set (With cap) 3.20 kg

Damage Reduction

See Armour for calculation details.

Quality Reduction
10 17.35%
20 28.40%
30 38.15%
40 46.60%
50 53.75%
60 59.60%
70 64.15%
80 67.40%
90 69.35%
100 70.00%