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The duel ring can be found near the start towns of the template kingdoms on the chaos and elevation servers. It can be used to forcibly abdicate a ruler of the kingdom. Players of the same kingdom can attack each other within the duel ring without any penalty.

In it's center, there's a stone where players can challenge their current king. A king can be challenged once per week. A king can decline such challenges two times, but if he declines a third time, he can be forced to abdicate. If the king does not respond within a week it is considered a decline of the challenge. If the king accepts the challenge in the first week, nobody can challenge him for 2 more weeks.

If the king accepts the challenge, he will select a time and day to show up at the duel ring (within 1 week). He will need to stay within the ring for 30 minutes.

If the king loses, or if the king has declined the challenge for 3 times, an option at the duel ring center will appear where players can vote to force abdication.