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An emote is an action a player can do to respond to something (except tile borders) in Wurm.

Emotes are divided into 3 categories: nice, neutral, and offensive. All have sounds, and some have animations.

Emote Category Sound/Voice (if any) Event text
Applaud Nice <clap> Yaaaaay! You applaud the <object> for its efforts.
Bow Nice You bow before the <object>.
Call Neutral Hey! You call out to the <object>. It better be ready now!
Chuckle Nice Uh ha ha You chuckle happily as you think of the <object>.
Comfort Nice You gently pat the <object>.
Cry Neutral <sniff, sniff, cry> You cry over the <object>.
Curse Offensive Son of a troll! You let out heavy curses at the <object>. (or "You let out heavy curses."1)
Dance Nice You dance and frolic around the <object>.
Disagree Neutral I disagree You roll your eyes and shake your head in disagreement with the <object>.
Disbelieve Neutral You stare at the <object> sceptically.
Fart Offensive <fart> You fart on the <object>. (or "You fart."1)
Flirt Nice You flirtilly wink at the <object>.
Grovel Nice You throw yourself to the ground and grovel in the dirt before the <object>.
Hug Nice You press the <object> close to your chest.
Insult Offensive You disgusting pig You call the <object> names. (or "You call yourself names."1)
Kiss Nice <kiss> Mwah! You fondly kiss the <object>.
Kiss hand Nice You bend down and gently kiss the <object>.
Laugh Neutral <laugh> You laugh hysterically at the <object>.
Point Neutral You point forward. or You point at the <object>.
Poke Neutral You poke the <object>.
Push Offensive You wish you could push the <object>. (or "You wish you could push someone around."1)
Roll with the eyes2 Neutral You roll your eyes at the <object>.
Slap Offensive <slap> You slap at the <object>. (or "You slap yourself in the face. Stupid!"1)
Smile Nice You smile at the <object>. (or "You smile happy.")
Spit Offensive <spit> You spit at the <object>.
Tease Neutral3 Is that the best you can do? You try to tease people with the <object>.
Tickle Nice You tickle the <object> playfully.
Wave Neutral Hey, over here! You wave at the <object> frantically.
Worry Neutral <clap> Yaaaaay!4 You sigh and wonder what the future holds for the <object>.
Worship Nice You fall to your knees and worship the <object>.
1 If object/player is far away but not too far away
2 Should be "eyeroll"
3 Should be mean
4 Only when done on another player