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In Wurm, a player receives 8 real hours per real day to perform "fatiguing" tasks, which are usually things that take time. The main reason behind the fatigue system is to prevent macros.

Every player receives 1 hour of fatigue every 3 hours that pass, regardless of if they are logged in or not. This is added to their pool of available fatigue which has an upper limit of 12 hours.

Should a player exhaust their available pool, no fatiguing tasks can be preformed until the next "tick", which would occur within 2 hours, at which time they are given another hour's worth.

Type /fatigue to check how much time is left.


You feel rested
1 hour is added to your fatigue pool.
You are too mentally exhausted to do that now.
You have no fatigue left.


Known Actions that do not require Fatigue time

(Unfinished list)

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