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Removed feature

The feature described here has been removed from Wurm Online. This page is retained only for historical purposes.


Gulasch ("goulash") is a somewhat good nutritional hot food cooking|dish made in a sauce pan. Gulasch is a liquid dish and must be carried in a liquid container such as a pottery jar or waterskin. It is useful for skillgain in hot food cooking for difficulty levels that are higher than casseroles but lower than meals.


You can put a lot of ingredients into a sauce pan to cook a gulasch, but at least two different items are required. Excluding grain and water (if you add another type it works), any combination of: grain, meat, fish, fillet, foraged item, botanized item, and water whose weight is no more the 3 times the weight of other items all create gulasch.

If water is one of the ingredients it must not exceed a 3 to 1 ratio of water to food. This ratio is for every 0.3kg of water there must be at least 0.1kg of food (grain will make porridge unless combined with a foraged/botanized item). Water weight can be less but not more.

Tools required

  • Stone forge / Stone oven / Campfire
  • Sauce pan


  • When trying new combinations of ingredients, always examine the sauce pan to determine what kind of dish you make. For example, mixing rye and barley would result in a casserole if used with meat, or porridge if used with water.
  • Max QL of gulasch is 2x your Hot food cooking skill