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For pictures concerning the Cave Canal, see Pictures:Cave Canal.

The Cave Canal, connecting two lakes and permitting travel through the central lakes was a project commisioned by Flyingmonkey, and features a 3 tile boatway and a 1 tile walkway cut through rock. Beginning in mid July and ending in late August, 673 tiles needed to be mined out, as well as surface rock sculpted, entry houses made, walls reinforced, mineral veins removed and the canal made deeper and with a higher roof.


In no particular order: Mystecore, ILerndGramrGud, Cameron, Wordsworth, Horothewise, Andreea, Llurendt, Robfox, Candymountai, Dreww, Artashes, Yazl, Ripsipiiraka, Pentaxpilot, Caesar, Tritus, Aureate, Gaffeek, Persephone, Silentnight, Ulfpain, Tukster, Mithika, Ols, Nsu, Tigar, Aloof, Rabid

Some may have been missed out, contact Ols if you feel cheated.

Completion Dates

  • Stage one (All tiles mined out.): 14/07/09 - 5/08/09 (Mineral veins taken down on 29/08/09)
  • Stage two (Deepen the canal and raise the roof.): 22/07/09 - 29/08/09
  • Stage three (Support Beams on the sides.): 30/07/09 - 28/10/09
  • Stage four (Docks and external features.): In planning phase - Ongoing

Pictures and Videos

Levedara's walkthrough of the Cave Canal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqdVXsmtp40

The Cave Canal in mid construction: