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The Freedom Tournament (formerly known as The Akhenaten Tournament) is the biggest player-made Event in the History of Wurm Online and hosted in different arenas around the Freedom cluster two or three times a year. The inventor and main organizer is Sklo. It generally has 9 Leagues (for example, a League with players who have 0 - 9.99 main fighting skill) and the winner of one of those Leagues receives extremely valuable, donated prizes. We even had a real-live trove and drake sets! The main idea is that even a player with 9 fighting skill can win the same value of prize as the best possible fighter. Sometimes there are even prizes for spectators too.


These can change at any time!

  1. Fighting is only allowed with provided gear; you have the right to pick a weapon/shield of your choice.
  2. The provided gear is only borrowed and must be given back after the fight.
  3. The fight starts with the word "start" and ends with the event massage.
  4. The winner is pronounced in the event message post-fight.
  5. Only Spares are allowed.
  6. Any offensive/defensive spells or healing during the fight is forbidden.
  7. Any spells or mediation bonuses that may give you an advantage during the fight are forbidden.
  8. You only can win the prizes of one League, if you win more than one leagues with alts the prizes which you made with your alts will go to the second place of the league.
  9. If you have a mediation bonus that can't be turned off you can fight but you forgo your chance to win anything. You will receive the subtitle [out of competition].


1st Tournament

2nd Tournament

3rd Tournament

4th Tournament

5th Tournament

Record of 106 registered fighter!

This event happened on the 2nd. February, 2013.


This tournament was the biggest success in Sklo's career so far. The local of Akhenaten was flooded with people... It was a wonderful night with great fun.

6th Tournament

This event happened on the 31st. August, 2013. [[2]]