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The Site

The Millenium Impalong was a crafting and imping (improvement of items) event that occured around the year 1000 on Freedom (September 1st - September 6th 2009). Featuring an expansive imping house with players of all trades, as well as an Inn, Vynora altar, dock and mine, it is a popular community site.

The Millenium Impalong was a celebration not just of the Millenium but the work we've already put into the Freedom Isles, and was a great place for the community to bond as well as to get tools imped.

This lead to a variety of projects around the site such as the roads and the mine to help make life easier for those inside the impalong house.

During the impalong around 30-50 different people came by to work and/or have fun.


The site is open to all and is maintained by Ols in the hopes that other visitors will also preserve the area.

The Inn and Workshop and the general site are free to be used by anyone, as long as they keep it in a generally decent order.

Possible ideas for the future:

  • Connect the site with the roads all the way up from samling to allow it as a newbie pickup spot or make the site available to new players on Freedom Isles. For now a road will extend from Rockcliff to Halcyon and pass through the site.
  • Make the site into a trading point due to its central location. Judging by the way the Freedom economy works, it may take a while for this to catch on.
  • Use the site as a reststop for those sailing long distances, stop over for the night maybe take advantage of the iron veins or forges to imp some of your tools. This is currently feasible since an Inn and a Guesthouse already exist.

Future Impalong

Ols is deeding up near the impalong site and is thus considered the caretaker until the next impalong is held, and will hold the writs of the workshop and inn until that time.

The next Impalong is likely to occur around Christmas time, as is usual for impalongs.

The Projects

  • Impalong Workshop - a 3x5 stone house, containing 70ql forges, oven and loom
  • Impalong Inn - a 3x4 stone house, containing 8 beds of free usage to workers and people alike at the impalong.
  • Altar Hill - a small hill adjecent to the workshop with a Vynora Altar, road spiraling up.
  • Impalong Mine - a public mine connected via ~50-60 tiles of cobblestone to the impalong workshop. details below.
  • Nothern Harbor - this water was the deepest and chosen as the harbor for ships larger than a sailboat. Dock is level, ~20 tiles long and with a 20 slopes into the water.
  • Southern Harbor - Water is quite shallow on this side, might be dredged out to land here (incomplete)
  • The Deed Site - An 11x11 small village with a storehouse and guesthouse as well as a public courtyard for recreation.


North/East of Halcyon

24x 36y on the August 7th community made Map


A list of the various resources available in and around the impalong site.


  • A Vynora altar on the hill next to the docks.
  • A Fo altar on the slope near to Halcyon.
  • A Magranon altar in the mine.

Common Resources

  • Sand
  • Cedar & Cherry Wood - Common
  • Maple, Pine, Birch, Oak and Willow - Scarce
  • Clay (1 minute by boat along the north/east coast)
  • Tar (Some way to the north)

The Impalong Mine

The mine is located due east from the workshop about 50-60 tiles away.

  • Iron Vein x 1 (Very Good)
  • Iron Vein x 1 (29ql)
  • Iron Vein x 1 (Normal)
  • Iron Vein x 1 (Good)
  • Copper Vein x 1 (Utmost)
  • Silver Vein x 1 (Normal)