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Northmere Alliance

The Northmere Alliance is a federation of villages in the Northeast of Celebration, originating on the shores of the eponymous Northmere. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item.




The Northmere Alliance was founded on the first day of settlement of Celebration, by Garis, the self styled Jarl of Wealdin Anchorage and Ashoof, founder of Mount New Hope, both of whom had come south from Independence. Within days, Crick and Rimor, who had both been citizens of Wealdin on Independence, founded the settlements of Thera and Storrfjall respectively. At the time, there was no overland route connecting the northeastern lands of the island to the central forests and tundra north of Tap Dance. Because of the geographic importance of the mountain pass, and the vital necessity of establishing overland passage for commerce and trade, the areas immediately surrounding Wealdin Anchorage were aggressively settled. This permitted the vital mountain pass between Storrfjall and Mount New Hope to be kept free of impediment long enough to complete a passable highway through it.

However, the forests to the East of Mount New Hope were choked with dangerous beasts, most noticeably spiders, and wave upon wave of would-be settlers met their unhappy ends attempting to settle the forest. In order to ease the pressures of the constant flow of settlers from Tap Dance, Garis initiated a project to build a highway straight through the Spiderwood, going east to the sea. If the project were to succeed, it would need to happen before the forest became a patchwork of deeds, so the alliance initiated a highway building blitz, and completed the entire project in two nights. At this point, the highway system connected the shores of the Northmere to the eastern sea.

At this same time, Rimor of Storrfjall, with the help of many hard laborers, worked feverishly to engineer a tunnel connecting the steppes to the northern deserts. Once completed, the highway and road networks fostered commerce and further settlement of the Northeast, allowing free travel between the northern and southern settlements in the alliance.

Having connected the shores, and to one another, the alliance now turned its gaze south, toward the Tundra, and Tap Dance beyond it. They orchestrated more building projects to complete a highway connection from Wealdin Anchorage to the Tundra, after which Garis finished solidifying the packed dirt paths that criss-crossed the red grasslands with a formal highway system which connected south of Aedgon.

Member Deeds

  • Adeptus Astartes
  • Bobble-by-water
  • Celtic Highlands
  • Damascus
  • Ebon Rih
  • Esterni
  • Ghostwood
  • Londevik
  • Mira's Garden
  • Mount New Hope
  • Norllynster Port
  • Port Flamewrath
  • Reldawin
  • Spiderwood Valley
  • Storrfjall
  • Terrace Farms
  • The Mana Garden
  • The Prow
  • Thera
  • Wealdin Anchorage (Capital)
  • Wheltoft
  • Windy Bluff