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Marble bricks
A Marble bricks

Max flat speed: 17.3 km/h
Terrain type: Pavement
Player made: Yes
Underground: No


Player made by paving packed dirt with a marble brick



Walking on pavement is the fastest way of traveling on foot (up to 17.3Km/h on a flat tile). Pavement can only be removed or terraformed by a player with 20 Body Strength and 10 Digging.


  1. Activate a Marble brick
  2. Right-click a tile of packed dirt and select Pave > Marble bricks.

Note: You can also right-click a paved tile and select Re-pave > Tile or Nearest corner

Destroying pavement

  1. Activate a shovel
  2. Right-click a tile of cobblestone and select Destroy Pavement.

Note: 20 body strength and 10 digging skill is needed to destroy pavement.


You need to be stronger to destroy pavement.
20+ Body Strength is required to destroy pavement.
You can't figure out how to remove the stone. You must become a bit better at digging first.
10+ Digging is required to remove pavement.
You need to be stronger to dig on roads.
20.10+ Body Strength is required to dig on roads.

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