Playing Wurm Online with better FPS

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This is a work in progress.

Wurm can be very graphics intensive, even if you have a gaming computer. If you're using an older computer or laptop, you may need to adjust your graphics settings for optimum Wurm gaming. You may need to restart your game for these settings changes to take effect.

Playing Wurm with Intel graphics

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Adjustments to the Graphics tabs

There are a few adjustment in the graphics settings that can help with your Wurm experience.


  • Turn shadow details down or off.
  • Turn water detail and reflections down or off.

Advanced Graphics tab

  • Uncheck
    • Detailed Weather
    • Ambient Environment
    • Particles & Effects

Post-Process tab

  • Turn Ambient Occlusion off.
  • Uncheck Volumetric Fog.

Compatibility tab (Only available before logging in)

  • Turn GLSL Support off