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Freedom settlement

This is a settlement on the Freedom Isles.

"We are building a religion, We are building it bigger."

Size 18 Village




All listed allies are currently Unofficial, due to redeeding Allianceship needs to be formed/reformed where necessary.

Echelon is always recruiting. PM Xzalander for details.


Echelon is located on a small to medium Island in the Southwestern Section of Freedom, called Seris Isle, unofficially it is termed Black Pearl island. There is no "mountain" on Seris Isle, but it is lucky enough to be volcanically formed so rock is right under the soil layer. The deed is lucky enough to have an ondeed mine with a current Ironvein count of 8. There is also Lead, Zinc and Copper detected on the island. It also has a few spawns on the island along with a wide mixture of trees and clay. The main feature of the island is the smallest Volcano on Freedom which has yet to spawn any Fiends to date. New or experienced players will find a place for themselves in our community and there is room for any kind of player with projects regularly cropping up.


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Currently working Villagers

Active Villagers in their own sub-deeds

Currently In-Active Villagers

Village Projects

Round T'World

The first project initiated, which is to be completed in four to five parts. Part One is complete but is currently being held back until Part Two is nearing completion. Like most this is a sailing round the world trip, but with in person interviews at large, popular and well known towns and villages.

Currently Visited Locations

  • Xanadu
  • The Academy Of Enlightenment
  • New Brovegas
  • Akhenaten
  • New Eminence

Next Planned Area

  • Freebears
  • The Elysian Bay
  • The Dark Citadel

Project is on hold. WANTED: Reporters for the Round T'World Project.

The Colossus Shrine

The Colossus Shrine Planning Thread
This second project is still in the planning phase and has yet to begin construction. It is designed to be a tall spire which plateaus into a ring of land with a raised centre. On each compass point will be constructed a Colossi. The raised centre will most likely be a viewing area with all three Prayer Altars.

Contributions in planning and eventual construction is appreciated and on deed support for food, bed and water will be provided for contributors.