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A small village token from investigating the history of a deed. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, ''. Ql: 47.25219, Dam: 0.0.


  • Small tokens are not craftable, and otherwise, can only be found by successfully locating a cache. They represent the previous settlement and its token found at that cache location.
  • Small tokens do not decay when placed as decorations on deed.
  • While a lump may appear in the improvement column for a small token held in inventory, as of this time, the token will not actually improve once the attempt is made.
  • Duplicate small tokens can exist, either through multiple players discovering one old settlement's cache or by one player repeatedly discovering the same cache.
  • The material type of the small token can be composed of any of the game's many metal types, and it is yet to be fully known which exact factors determine the type assigned to each small token. The quality level assigned to small tokens is also not fully understood as of this time.
  • The maker's signature denotes the past settlement's mayor in which the cache was found. A mouse-hover over and examine on the token will provide the past settlement's name, last mayor, founder and time since disbanded).
  • Small tokens indicate the direction to their associated deed.


Here is the size difference between a settlement token and cache found token

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