Stone of the sword

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A fairly large round stone with a deep notch.

Stone of the sword is a mysterious object that decides who becomes the Chancellor of Mol Rehan, if the position is currently vacant. It can be found in the center of a peat field to the South East of Gold Coast on the Chaos server. An available right-click action is 'Take the test'. If there already is a Chancellor, it triggers an event message 'The Chancellor is appointed already. The stone is empty.'.

Example Challenge

You hesitantly approach the stone of the sword.
You struggle with the stone of the sword.
You feel the sword budge!
You continue struggle with the sword.
You feel the sword budge even more!
You make one final push with the sword.
The sword gets loose and disappears! You are the new Chancellor of Mol Rehan!

Founding Deeds

It is not possible to found a deed with the Stone of the sword in the vicinity. Attempts will generate the error:

[20:26:42] You cannot found the settlement here:

[20:26:42] Some settlement nearby requires [Player Name] to be a citizen or ally.

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