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Swimming is the means of movement used by players and some animals to get around and stay afloat when in sufficiently deep water.


  • A player will automatically begin to swim upon entering a water tile to a sufficient depth. (Greater than 10 dirt below water level.)
  • When swimming, stamina is gradually lost with any and all movement, and drowning will occur when stamina has become exhausted. At this point, players may draw deep from within and try to use Last Gasp to reach safety, or they can immediately consume a stamina-generating food of some sort. Without some relief, further attempts at movement only then speed along a sure drowning death.
  • Not all animals are capable of swimming, and not all swimming animals are capable of being embarked upon and subsequently ridden through water.
  • A "swimming" animal is characterized as one that does not take drowning damage when in water. The behavior of an animal in water or how it does or does not enter water do not classify it as "swimming" or "non-swimming".


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