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Drowning damage is the damage that begins when a player reaches zero stamina while swimming on water tiles. Animals also take drowning damage, though, without stamina being a driving factor.


  • Drowning damage is only incurred while the player is moving; standing still in water does not cause drowning wounds or stamina loss. Riding an animal is the only exception to this, mechanically acting like a ship and allowing the player to continue movement without drowning damage subsequent to stamina absence. Note not all animals can be ridden in water.
  • Drowning wounds are listed as water damage and are untreatable, but they always disappear after a few minutes out of the water (approximately 10 minutes while logged in), regardless of wound severity. Note that drowning wounds do not heal while in the water, and bad/severe wounds will get worse over time if you are stuck in the water.
  • Last Gasp and/or the consumption of stamina-generating foods can provide some temporary stamina relief and assist in imminent drowning emergencies. Another player positioning a ship near the drowning player and setting its permissions to allow for embarking by that drowning player is yet another option in drowning emergencies.
  • A "swimming" animal is characterized as one that does not take drowning damage when in water. The behavior of an animal in water or how it does or does not enter water do not classify it as "swimming" or "non-swimming".


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