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How much of this is made-up numbers?

There's several mentions in the text as to what different factors do into combat rating (for instance, +10ql to a weapon is +1CR), how much of that is dev confirmed, how much is test-confirmed, and how much of that is just speculation?

The actual system of Combat rating is dev-confirmed by Rolf (despite your comments that it's not), but AFAIK, very few numbers were released:

When fighting PvP, every 5 fight skill give +1 CR. When fighting PvE, every 10 fight skill give +1 CR. The underdog bonus on wild have two levels, each giving +1 CR

These are the only confirmed numbers. Height advantage, weapon ql, armour ql, gank bonus, footing, focus level, religion bonus, priest bonus, kingdom leader bonus, kingdom killer bonus... All play part for sure, but I have heard of no actual numbers being mentioned outside of speculation. Wouldn't it be a bit too uninformative to post speculated figures on a page like this?

Miggy 09:34, 24 September 2008 (CDT) Miggy

Hence why the lovely big label at the bottom of the page is there saying that this interpretation of the CR theorum is in no way endorsed or acknowledged by the developers. It's been common knowledge for a while - like you said. I'll alter the page accordingly and remove some of the flimsier aspects of this theory. Thanks for your input, though.

--Ephemeral 16:44, 24 September 2008 (CDT)

Well, wouldn't it be an idea to only make it contain hard facts, instead of speculations? Having the label at the end might mean that not everyone reads it, and take seemingly false information as fact. For instance:

Focus level is seen to add a flat 20% additional CR per focus level, to a maximum of 100% additional CR at focus level five

Where have that been seen? I keep myself regularly updated on the happenings in PvP, and how the system works, yet I've never heard any specific numbers or figures. It does seem obvious that focus plays a part, sure, but 20% pr. level up tp 100% max? Where'd that come from?

I'd personally much rather see only the known facts on this page, then list all of the things that might contribute, such as focus level and all of the things I mentioned above. Having false assumed numbers doesn't add anything to the page but confusion.

Miggy 09:34, 24 September 2008 (CDT) Miggy