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Tests done would imply Frostbrand enchanted weapons do no extra damage to lava creatures. Further testing implies damage caused by Frostbrand bypasses armor and is about 10% of the spell potency, these stated tests are done extremely un-professional and this subject does require further testing IMO.

These tests are done by this small group of players from Celebration

Balgehakt (just a player nothing special)

Jopiesaus (old char of Balgehakt now his beginning Vyn Priest)(did low power FB enchant on a 2h sword)

Jeixi (another player that has a FB weapon)

Klea (at moment of typing newly converted Vyn Priestess that offered up her Favor for linking so Jopiesaus could attempt a FB enchant)

these tests started with a conversation between Jeixi and Balgehakt about FB and lava creatures.

Stating again, More Testing is required