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Soil Depth

Generally considered by urban myth. That is a ridiculous figure to state as an average dirt depth.

What would be a more accurate figure then? How do you know what it's not if you dont know what it is? Other than the information provided by the original author I supported leaving the figure in because it is often used by Telurius ([17:37:40] <Telurius> The depth of the rock layer varies, but is about 150 - 250 dirts at many places on this server.), I therefore considered it to have some validity. I dont think a conclusion can be reached one way or another without some data or input from a decent number of players that have dug down to the dirt layer on the server or can visit a place where it has been done. In that spirit I have started a thread on the forums requesting this kind of data. -Grimbark 00:32, 7 March 2011 (UTC)

If the information is not known, how can it be added to the wiki? Don't spread misinformation. "but is about 150 - 250 dirts at many places on this server" is not an average depth. If that were the average, there would be little point in anyone except a landshaper trying to dig to open mines, and even then hardly worth it, as about half the time even they would not be able to reach the rock layer.