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A team provides a separate chat channel to the members.

Inviting to team

Players can invite other players to form a team with them by right-clicking on the player character and selecting "Team up".

Once a team is formed, you can invite more players using this same method, or by typing /tinvite <name>.

The player being invited will need to type

/invitations in order to be able to receive the invitation.

Any member of the team with the invite permission can invite other players using the same method. To leave a team, Simply right click on the ground and select "Remove from team".


Being a member of a team allows you to pick up items another team member dropped outside of a deed on non-pvp servers, which is otherwise disallowed as long as the owner is still close by. This restriction is also lifted for unlocked boats and carts which were dragged.


  • Team membership is not persistent unless at least two members of the team stay online. When the team leader logs off, another random team member is appointed new leader.
  • It is not possible to be a member of two teams at once. When there are only 2 players in the team and one leaves, the other person gets a message saying The team has dissolved.
  • The team leader has a different chat color and can manage the team and remove members, toggle their invite permission, and transfer leadership to another member.
  • When crossing to another server, the team no longer exists and must be created again.