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General item template.

The template adds a box with an image of the item and the steps to create the item.

If the creation parameter is set the box will display its contents instead of the creation steps.

Usage examples:

|name=Hammer         *** defaults to {{PAGENAME}} ***
|image=hammer.jpg    *** defaults to {{PAGENAME}}.jpg or {{PAGENAME}}.png ***
|active=[[hammer head]] (0.4 kg)
|passive=[[shaft]] (1.0 kg)
|group=Tools         *** item is in this sub menu in the create list ***
|result=1 '''hammer''' - 1.4 kg
|combinable=no        *** empty or no show nothing, other options are yes or hot ***
|storage=             *** empty shows nothing, other options are bsb or fsb ***
|decoration=no        *** empty shows nothing, yes says it's a decoration, no says it will be in an item pile ***
|name=Huge shod club         *** defaults to {{PAGENAME}} ***
|result=1 '''huge shod club''' (15.00 kg)
|creation=Troll drop         *** 'no' will result in 'The item can not be created', other options include farm, fish, botanize, forage, mine, wood, dig, butchering, cooking  ***
|image=Iron fence.jpg
|name=Iron fence
|active=[[Mallet]] or [[Hammer]]
|passive=[[Tile Border]]
|groupM=Fence > Iron > Build iron fence   *** item is in this menu when you right click the passive item (for items like fences where there is no create menu) ***
|materials=* 9x [[Stone brick]]s
* 1x [[Iron fence bars]]
|result=*'''Iron fence'''
|improveItem=Stone bricks    *** for items like fences and walls, improves using and item and not a set of tools ***
|note=*You must have at least one stone brick in your [[inventory]] to start building it.
|name=Felled Tree
|passive=[[Tree Tile]]
|TopMost=Cut down   *** Menu option where its on the top most parent menu.***
|result=* 1 '''felled tree''' (up to 186.67 kg)