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Let your village tweet! Village tweets make it possible to check the status and events of your village even when out of Wurm, using the popular social networking and microblogging service.

Setting Up

You need to be allowed to manage the village settings in order to set up the village twitter.

Configure Account

Note that this account probably should not be your personal twitter account.

Account registration

  1. Click the big yellow Sign Up button.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Skip the 3 friends, sources of interest and search steps.

Application registration

  1. Go to Application Management: here . If you are not logged in, you will be asked to do so.
  2. Click the "Create New App" button.
  3. Name your application something like "MyVillage Chat"
  4. Description: Chat for MyVillage
  5. Fill in an url; you can use but feel free to use your own.
  6. Leave Callback blank.
  7. Accept the "Developer Rules of the Road". Click the "Create your Twitter application" button
  8. Go to the API Keys Tab
  9. Click on "modify app permissions", select Read and Write.
  10. If you have not a verified account, twitter will ask you to verify your account.
  11. Select a logo image, solve the Captcha and click Done.

Retrieving the application keys

  1. Go to the API Keys Tab:
  2. Now look for "API key" on the middle of the page. It will be used later.
  3. Now look for "API secret" on the middle of the page. It will be used later.
  4. Create your Access token.
  5. Note the "Access Token" key. It will be used later.
  6. Note the "Access Token Secret" key. It will be used later.

Configure Wurm

  • Go to your token and select Settlement > Twitter settings
  • Fill in:
  1. Consumer key = API key
  2. Consumer secret = API secret
  3. Application key = Access Token
  4. Application secret = Access Token Secret
  • Twit all village chat checkbox allows all village chat to go to twitter, if checked.

Unless you have done it already, confirm the twitter account in the email they send you.

The /tweet chat command sends your twit to the village twitter if enabled.

Server Twitter Feeds



Epic (Historical)



Normal chat will not appear on the server twitter feeds, only server-wide events like disbanding, appointment of offices - things that go in the Area History.