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Virtue, Wrathadox

In-Game Background

Ayluin started playing Wurm as Wrathadox on the Pristine server in 2013. He found a small area on horseshoe island and began a long process of extending dirt out into the ocean to attempt to create a deed. Having worked on this as his first experience in Wurm, he became rather bored and found a deed for sale on another server. He would purchase this deed called End of the Road on Release and experience his first deed-shaping. Around this time, Xanadu was released. His ex-partner Forbitten and himself moved from End of the Road to Xanadu and founded the deed, "The Rose Garden". It was to be Xanadu's first 3-tiered 101x101 featuring a full market and many amenities for those weary of the long sails required at the time. About a third of the way into the project to terraform the deed, his ex-partner decided it was time to leave Wurm and pursue other interests. The deed eventually fell due to upkeep.

After many months of inactivity, Ayluin returned to Wurm and created the character Ayluin, ready to start over fresh on a new server. He chose Exodus and found a nice area with the help of Firemedic. He created the deed Labyrinth and after a month or so became overwhelmed with the amount of work a fresh deed required from one person. Due to real life difficulties, he chose to disband and try to play Wurm at a later date. In the beginning of 2016, Ayluin began to play Wurm again. This time he helped a friend work on a deed on Deliverance formerly known as Fairytale. It was deeded and renamed to Storybrooke and there was much construction on the small island. After the work was finished, he moved back to his favored server Exodus and created the deed Highburn Keep. Having completed some of the basic framework of the deed, his services were requested on Deliverance for a tunnel mining job and some strong-walling, and he has remained on Deliverance since moving between various deeds in the North-East Deliverance Alliance. Highburn Keep fell to upkeep in May 2016.

After taking a small break from Wurm, Ayluin has returned as of September 2016 and founded the deed Venospawn on the eastern coast of Exodus. The village being a small deed focused on production while being self-sustaining.

Ayluin went to Chaos, didn't like it and returned. Took a nice hiatus and is back to bring new life to Wurm.


My name is Tim and I've been playing video games for the majority of my life. Recently applied and became a Wurmpedia Assistant for Wurm Online and am very excited to begin contributing to some projects here on the Wiki. I play a lot of League of Legends, and various survival sandbox games on Steam, most notably Project Zomboid and Don't Starve Together. I'm always willing to help others with work and information on Wurm and just listening to random nonsense.