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My name is Helge.
Male, born in 1987, student, living in Denmark.
I'm a chat, forum and wiki moderator.
I was previously a gm, but retired because of inactivity.



Previous avatars:
h.gif helgegr2.gif mod003_mini.gif WurmAnim001.gif eye.gif lefteye.jpg


Demonstration (3,6mb) - requires XviD and AC3 codecs.
A funny video I recorded and published on the old (now deleted) Wurm forums, showing a computer I hung on the wall and a homemade, cellphone controlled coffee machine.

My contributions

Wurm Online

I haven't really developed anything for Wurm. I have mostly come up with suggestions and ideas, some of which actually got implemented and/or I believe had an effect on the game's development. I'm not going to make a list though. Many players in Wurm have had a large effect on the development, and I'm one of the more experienced/old players.
I did however do a little work in the audio section of the game, but my collection of samples never got big and was overun by more productive contributors.

One of the projects I never really finished was the Wurm Positioning System, refered to as WPS.
In the beginning, it was mainly just a simple calculator, some text files and a description on the wiki. Later, my friend Martin and I started the development of a large web based interface for mapping and navigating the Wurm world.
Our plans were ambitious and detailed. Unfortunately, the speed of delevopment went down as the programming became more difficult and the system more complex, and it eventually ended before it ever got finished. We did however get far in the mapping interface, it just really never got finished.
The project has been dumped, and if it is ever to be taken into consideration again, it will probably need a full rewrite of the programs and a whole new structure.


I have always been active on the forums :-)
During times were I got tired of Wurm, this is where I've been hanging around. Keeping updated about changes in the game, helping people with problems in the game and being part of a great community.
I've spend a lot of time here, and I think I have come up with many good things to share with people.

My contributions here are many. Most of which no longer exist because the forums have been deleted several times while I've been here. I've kept a few important posts saved on my computer in text files. These are either contributions of "historic value", detailed descriptions of larger subjects or posts about some deep and important thoughts and conclusion I've had from time to time.
Now, most of my posts are however just funny stories. As a user once said: "Helge always had interestng junk for us to read"


Except for WPS, I never did any larger contributions to the Wiki.
Sometimes I'm active, like right now, and I mostly publish large pieces of work or stories that might be interesting for other people to read.

Here are some of my contributions:
Astronomy and geography / AstroResearch 1 and AstroResearch 2

My experience with Wurm Online

Through interaction and coorporation with all kinds of people, I've actually developed a part of myself by playing Wurm Online.
Having played since the 4th map ever made, also refered to as Horde map 1, I have met a lot of interesting people and followed Wurm's development, all the way from early stages before PvP and animals to the huge and complex virtual world it is now.