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  • Ahnassi


Kyoko is from the Freedom Isles.

She seems to have blood from Jenn-Kellon

She is very strong and has a good reserve of fat

She bears the mark of Official of Eletha


You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of the Wurm, week 1 of the starfall of Dancers, 998.

Kyoko started her existence in the realm of Wurm on Golden Valley, shortly before Independence was founded. Xion 'Fox' Wilburg, A friend of mine from Second Life told me about this game and said he and Wolfgang Fackler, another of our friends had just started playing and wanted me to join them. We joined the alliance of Jenn-Kellon, as this was before the days of Freedom and we spent our first several days and nights, living in the cramped area around the starter city of NewHaven (I think that was the name of JK's starter town in GV) before moving out to find our own land. We tried to live in a cave, but we were chased out, screaming in terror by the scorpion that didn't like us there. Finally, we found a little 2x7 spot near a lake, but within walking distance of the town. There, we built up a little hut where we shared forge duties and argued with the nearby Polish players about whose rowboat was whose.

Man, thinking back on it, those were the days. It made me love this game so much. The nights in the woods, all of us huddled around a campfire (thinking that it kept the animals at bay), foraging for food, and trying to figure out the game. We didn't have the wiki, we didn't have a tutorial, but we had each other and we figured it out.

About the time that Freedom was announced, we had decided we were all going to get the skills we wanted to use up to 20, then pay for premium and head into town to use the portal to transfer to Independence and find a place to deed and live. Sadly though, Fox and Wolfy got bored of the game, so it was only me that ended up making the journey into the Freedom Isles. I founded my first deed there, Sakura Grove, and I built it up with the help of a friend I met there, named Champ. I still didn't know a lot of what I was doing and I was too afraid to leave my deed, so I didn't get my fighting skills up to defend myself. Eventually, Champ wanted to become a priest and found out that he couldn't live alone on his deed and do that, he left, and it got too lonely for me in Wurm, so I gave it a break.

I did come back, a year or so later, and logging in to see the ruins of my deed saddened me, but I resolved to do better this time. This time, I was going to join a village.

To be continued....