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Mollsmolyneux joined this wiki on the 16th June 2007, and started playing Wurm two weeks before then. He is on the council for the village of Roadside.

Wurm Life

Volume 1: JK Home

Mollsmolyneux was first told about the game by Thejanitor and started playing the game. A long with Magic, he settled across Newtown Lake along what now is the Newtown - Silent Hill highway. Unfortunately Oldtown did not want us to settle there any longer and we were forced to move away.

Taking the unfinished Newtown - BBM highway we soon found a suitable position along the highway, moved into the woods an started flattening. Now this small section of forest has evolved into Roadside, a size 10 village with a number of friendly and well known citizens. Roadside expanded to Size 15 and was downgraded again after money troubles. After the home servers became raidable, Roadside disbanded and moved becoming the Unified Republic of Roadside, located in a more protected spot, and once again after the freedom server was introduced Roadside disbanded and the citizens moved to the freedom server.

Volume 2: Freedom

Mollsmolyneux moved across to Freedom on the 19th June 2009 and immediately joined the new Roadside, he is now working on the new village.


  • Carpenter
  • Trollslayer
  • Tanner - Received 18/02/2008
  • Handyman - Received 13/07/08
  • Renowned Carpenter - Received 11/08/08
  • Fine Carpenter - Received 17/09/08
  • Lumberjack - Received 26/10/08
  • Repairman - Received 21/01/09
  • Miner - Received 21/08/10