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I'm a Jenn-Kellon Champion of Fo living on the wild server. I started Wurm in summer 2006 on an account named Robert, which I later sold only to resume playing again a few months later on my current character, Jup. I'm a longtime follower of Fo, and became a champion in September 2009. Some of my titles include Master Tanner, Land Shaper, Transmutator and Renowned Carpenter.

I currently live in the village of Homestead Bay and am happy to help out new players or passers-by.

In march 2010, Robert sold his Jup account to Littlebear. Jup currently resides on Sparta, Wild Village, and kicking.

Past villages

  • Gold 1:

Hilltop, Silron Valley

  • Gold 2:

Independent Settlers, Kyara , Sparta