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Community Assistant

This player is a Community Assistant, their name can be seen in the tab on the right side of the CA Help channel when they are online. They will try their hardest to answer any questions you may have.


Scooter is a mad-man, who fools around, breeding trolls, goblins, and even scorpions in his free-time. On the occasion, such trolls riot, due to starvation, and proceed to eat Scooter.

You will find Scooter on Independence, or Serenity, in both cases he'd be more than eager to talk to you and answer any queries that you may hold about either himself or the game.

Community Assistant

As of 18th November 2020, Scooter is now a Community Assistant and therefore you will find him in the CA Channel both on Freedom and Serenity very often, be sure to ask any questions you may have, and he shall answer them to the best of his knowledge.

Ascension to the throne

Upon the 8th December, Scooter tried his luck with the Lady of the lake and became Grand Prince! Giving Elevation's Jenn-Kellons a new leader to prove his allegiance and strength!