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I am a cowardly champion of the Whitelighters and mostly nice guy.

& no, I will not be moving to the Wild server, so stop asking ;)

Currently, I am a member of the Town Rockcliff, which is located 25 mins west of NT down Curtains Memorial Highway. My specialties are smithing (most types), digging and road building. However, I am fairly well experienced with almost all aspects of the game. I've been playing since about September 2005.

I am generally happy to help with your questions, as long as the answer can not be found at the noob links section. If it is there, I will probably just point to the page that has the exact info you are after. The main 2 reasons for this are that chat tends to be concise so the information given is not always as complete as it could be when done that way. The other reason is that I get annoyed if I repeat myself frequently.

I have no tolerance for thieving, or disrespect towards women. & I hold a grudge.