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Southern Freedom Isles
A Independence
General Information

Genesis: June 17th, 2009
Tiles: 4096x4096
Twitter: @WO_Independence
MRTG: Freedom001
Forum: Independence

Starting Towns

The Howl, Freedom Market

Server Settings
Players may only duel or spar consenting players.
Account Type
Basic and Premium
No. Players cannot steal items that are secured.
Settlements can be placed anywhere.
Guard Towers
No, artifacts do not spawn.
Allowed Faiths
Fo, Magranon, Vynora, Libila




Main / Server types / Freedom / Independence


Independence is the oldest PVE server, created in June 2009. Initially the server was only open to premium accounts, however in November 2010 it was opened to all players. It is joint 3rd in maps size being 16km², or 4096² tiles.


Many players speak very highly of the varied terrain on Independence, being such a large island there is definitely something for everyone. From some of the highest mountains in Wurm to huge steppe fields. Also, with it being one of the oldest servers on Wurm it has a lot of history to find, such as long-ago abandoned mines and areas cut into hillsides that aren't noticeable without close inspection.

Spawn settlements


The island may be accessed from the north of the east edge of Chaos, the west of the north edge of Deliverance and the northern point of the west edge of Xanadu.

You can also plot a course to Independence, allowing you to go from any Southern Freedom Isle server to Independence directly. also works on Chaos unless enemy's are in your local area.


The Independence server currently has three different community maps, with each serving a different purpose.