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Volume is a measurement of how much space an item takes up. This measure is often not displayed in-game. Bulk bins are the one exception.


  • Liquids happen to be 1kg to 1L (weight to volume), and because of this, are often referenced in liters (L). Many sold items have different kg to L relationships. Examples:
    • A small bucket can hold 12 L. A full bucket of water containers 12 L of water weighting 12 kg.
    • A pottery bowl can hold 9 L and weights 0.50 kg. A fillet of fish is 0.20 L and weights 0.30 kg. Thus, a pottery bowl can hold 45 fillets (9 / 0.2 = 45) and will weight 14 kg (13.50 kg fillet, 0.50 kg bowl).
  • Volume puts limits on how much can fit in a container. All containers themselves consume slightly more volume then they hold. Hypothetically players can carry infinite volume and containers can hold infinite weight.
  • You can calculate how many of an item will fit in a container by dividing the container's volume by the stored item's volume. See the Container page for a list of containers and volume capacities.