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The following is a guide for Wurm contributors to follow so that the information contained herein is concise, accurate, and most importantly, consistent.

General guidelines

  1. Please use correct spelling and do not use slang, 'txtspk' or 'leet speak'. Example: 'You need to', not 'U need 2'.
  2. If you aren't a spelling and grammar pro, use a spell checker. (IE FF Opera).
  3. Excluding proper nouns, words in page titles should not be capitalized. Use "Small metal shield" or "small metal shield"[1], and not "Small Metal Shield".
  4. Don't use underscores in links - you don't need them! Example: [[item creation]] is equivalent to [[item_creation]], and looks twice as neat.
  5. Use wikitext instead of HTML when possible. Example: * lists instead of <br> lists
  6. Use the categories and templates when appropriate. Look at a similar page and see what it uses for hints.
  7. Use [[links]] when referring to other pages (refrain from linking the same page multiple times in the same article.)
  8. Avoid personal bias when editing. When in doubt, take it to the talk page.
  9. Do not post suggestions. They belong in the forums or on IRC - not here.

[1] The first letter of the title is case-insensitive, so it can be used either way.

In-game help

Please note that many articles are deliberately duplicated due to the lack of support for images and HTML markup in the client. Please do not add unnecessary markup/re-directs to or from these pages, as in-game help pages are intentionally kept separate for reasons of brevity and conciseness. The full wiki is for longer, more in-depth versions of these articles.


Please try to keep the breadcrumbs at the top of each page. In the Complete Database it is done like this:

[[CDB|Main]] / [[Example Page 1]] / '''{{PAGENAME}}'''

and in the rest of the wiki like this:

[[Main Page]] :: [[Example Page 3]] :: '''{{PAGENAME}}'''

Weights and measures

When indicating crafting materials, please be as explicit as possible.

For items with only one possible size (same weight, no combine), note the number of items needed with the suffix 'x', e.g. "15x stone brick". If the item can be reduced in weight (e.g. shaft), also include the minimum weight possible for use. For other items specify the total weight needed and avoid listing the "normal" number of items used.

If the craft has separate 'create' and 'continue' phases, it may be useful to specify the materials separately as well. Use case: The create step consumes an entire item regardless of weight, while continue only subtracts a specific weight amount per step.

For the English portion of the wiki, please use a decimal point (period) when referring to fractional numbers. Always specify weights with two decimal places. This avoids ambiguity between "item has integer weight" and "didn't bother to check exact weight".