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A Wurmian is a species not unlike humans that inhabit the world of Wurm. Players control a Wurmian in their adventures, and NPC Wurmian tower guards, merchants, and traders inhabit the world with them.

A Wurmian has several characteristics that are different to a humans. An example is the average weight of 50kg; a somewhat low weight against that of a human. Wurmians are also much hardier, being able to withstand and heal from powerful attacks, go long periods without food, and (after training and exercise), carry gigantic loads, and resist the intense heat from activities such as picking up molten iron. Wurmians also posses the ability to channel magic.

Wurmians are known to have existed in a relatively civilized state upon their planet for at least 1000 years, before which all records were destroyed by the fire at the Library of Sorrow.

Judging by the striking similarity in physical structure and looks, it's highly possible that there is very limited genetic diversity in the species.