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  • It has a strong body. Doggala - S
  • None- ironswift - F
  • none - pearlbouncer - M
  • It is a tough bugger. falconrain - M
  • It is a tough bugger. Rockecker - M
  • It will fight fiercely. Unityrain - F
  • none- silverwarrion
  • It has a strong body. Fabiolastrong
  • It has a strong body. windjolly - M
  • none Warecker
  • none eastyoana - F
  • walking chaser - strong legs
  • mountainblood - tough bugger
  • venturerun - strong legs


Traits M/F strong leg muscles fleeter movement lightning movement carry more strong body tough bugger fight fiercely keen senses spark in its eyes unusually strong and healthy
venturerun M Yes
mountainblood F Yes
walkingchaser M Yes
eastyoana F
Warecker M
Windjolly M Yes
Fabiolastrong Yes
Unityrain F Yes
Rockecker M Yes
falconrain M Yes
pearlbouncer M
ironswift F
Doggala F Yes
Notchgold M Yes
Northheart F

kill list


  • 0 skill: Horse's color is considered a trait.
  • 20 skill: "It will fight fiercely." (High fighting skill?)
  • 21 skill: "It has fleeter movement than normal." (Minor speed boost)
  • 22 skill: "It is a tough bugger." (Withstands more damage)
  • 23 skill: "It has a strong body." (More health)
  • 24 skill: "It has lightning movement." (Randomly increases speed for a short duration)
  • 25 skill: "It can carry more than average." (Less penalty to speed due to high load)
  • 26 skill: "It has very strong leg muscles." (Less penalty to speed due to slope? Does not currently do this.)
  • 27 skill: "It has keen senses." (Increased agro range or possibly harder to tame?)
  • 28 skill: "It has malformed hindlegs." (Minor speed penalty)*
  • 29 skill: "The legs are of different length." (Major speed penalty)*
  • 30 skill: "It seems overly aggressive." (Goes into frenzy when attacked)*
  • 31 skill: "It looks very unmotivated." (Seldom uses speed boosts?)*
  • 32 skill: "It is unusually strong willed." (Randomly refuses to follow)*
  • 33 skill: "It has some illness." (Usually unridable. Penalty to body strength)*
  • 34 skill: "It looks constantly hungry." (is twice as fast hungry again)*
  • 39 skill: "It looks feeble and unhealthy." (Prone to disease)*
  • 40 skill: "It looks unusually strong and healthy." (Has a higher resistance to disease)
  • 41 skill: "It has a certain spark in its eyes." (Affects breeding? Will not die of old age? Disproved, see talk.)

(All "?" are unconfirmed, traits with a * are removed by a Genesis cast)