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A Horse
No, this creature will not attack unprovoked.
Yes, you may tame this creature.
No, this creature is unable to be dominated.
Yes, you may groom this creature.
Yes, with 21 body control
Yes, this creature can swim.
Butchering produces
Meat, fat, tail, hoof, eye, hide, bladder
Meat type
Grain, seeds and vegetables; grazer
Steppe and grass

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Horses like this one have many uses.

Horse is a rideable animal primarily found on steppe or grass land. Horses come in one of 13 colour types: black, white, grey, brown, gold, blood bay, ebony black (also known as "jet black"), piebald pinto, chestnut, appaloosa, gold buckskin, skewbald pinto, and black silver.

Being mounted provides a very substantial advantage in combat. It is usually much easier to kill a strong opponent when riding. In addition, mounts are unaffected by the rider's stamina and health, which makes it possible to retreat from combat even with low stamina or critical wounds. Riding a fast mount is often the only way of successfully escaping some of the faster mobs (like aged trolls or crocodiles). This is especially true when carrying loads above a bare minimum, because horses are not slowed as much as players are when carrying heavy loads.

Horse colours, image provided by Malena


A horse without speed affecting traits or equipment will have a max speed of ~18 kph when riding it. Riding speed is completely unaffected by terrain type. It is the same everywhere on and off-road. Saddles and horse shoes will raise the maximum speed. A horse's gear can only be accessed or changed when tamed by the tamer, or when branded by whoever has permissions.

Any traits, the horse's hunger, terrain steepness and the rider's inventory weight can affect the speed of the horse when riding. If the speed of a horse slows suddenly and without a weight or terrain increase, then the horse is most likely hungry. Feed it something, or get off and lead the horse to grass tiles. After eating or grazing the speed should be back to normal.

Speed Boosting

Type 50ql boost 70ql boost 90 ql boost Other
Horse shoe set of 4 0.24km/h 0.48km/h 0.72km/h
Saddle 0.24km/h 0.48km/h 0.72km/h
Wind of Ages 0.24km/h 0.48km/h 0.72km/h cast on shoes or saddle
rare versions 0.72km/h
supreme versions 1.44km/h

Equipment speeds aren't determined at 50, 70 or 90 quality thresholds, it's linear and scales according to quality.

Bred Horses

  • Bred horses have individual (but not unique) names randomly chosen at birth. They can have traits affecting their speed and other characteristics.
  • Bred horses have 2 foal stages (young foal and adolescent foal) before they grow to young horses. All foals are bred, not wild.
  • Color of bred horses will be inherited from their parents, with a very small chance of becoming an entirely different color at birth.
  • Traits have a chance to be inherited from the parents. Both parents having a trait will help but does not guarantee that trait will be passed on.


There are numerous traits that can positively or negatively affect the speed of a creature being ridden by a player, or pulling a vehicle.

Horses and hell horses must pass a Soul Strength skill check periodically in order for a speed-related trait to take effect. These checks are recalculated often for each trait, so the speed of a horse, hell horse, or wagon being pulled by one may not be consistent. Hell horses have much higher Soul Strength than horses, so their speed-related traits take effect much more consistently.

All other animals, including unicorns, do not need to pass this skill check to use their traits; their speed-related traits are always in effect.

Traits that can increase speed:

  • "Ebony" (horse) or "Molten" (hell horse) color: +2.5% speed.
  • "It has fleeter movement than normal.": +10% speed.
  • "It has lightning movement.": +20% speed.
  • "It has very strong leg muscles.": +10% speed, +10kg weight limit.*
  • "It has a strong body." : +10kg weight limit.*
  • "It can carry more than average.": +20kg weight limit.*

Traits that can decrease speed:

  • "The legs are of different length.": -30% speed.
  • "It has malformed hindlegs.": -10% speed.
  • "It looks very unmotivated.": -30kg weight limit.*

* "Weight limit" refers to the amount of weight a creature can carry when a player is riding it. This is based on the Body Strength of the creature. Any weight above this limit will cause the creature to move more slowly. This does not apply to creatures hitched to a vehicle, as the weight of the vehicle has no effect on them.

See animal husbandry for a full list of traits.


Equipment that can be equipped on tamed or branded horses:


  • They can be led with a rope by anybody without being tamed, but they are ride-able only with 21 body control.
  • Horses can be tamed with seeds and some vegetables. Be aware though that aggressive mobs occasionally attack tamed horses/mounts.
  • Horses can be ridden up and down a straight 40 slope ramp or anywhere the sum of two neighbouring sides of a tile do not exceed 40. While only turning, your horse will move forward a little. A horse will move much slower when ridden backwards or up a hill, it moves faster when riding down a hill.
  • One or two horses can be used to pull a large cart or a ship transporter, up to four horses can be hitched to a wagon.
  • Have 20 Body Strength.

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