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Main / Community portal


This is the main page for the Wurmpedia wiki community where you can read more about the Wurmpedia projects, roadmap and also if you're looking for something to collaborate on.

To learn more about the Wurmpedia, head over to the About article where you can read up on our governance and find out how to get yourself an account.

Adding information to the wiki is only the first step; the information needs to be easy to find, understand, and improve on. Here you will find the Wurmpedia Team's roadmap to a better Wurmpedia.

If you're looking for information about Wurm Online itself, try the Main Page or complete DB.

Getting involved

Even if you are not an editor or on the Wurmpedia Team, you can still help keep the Wurmpedia up to date and relevant. There is a section of the Wurm Online forum where you can post your ideas and updates, each under their respective page title. A member of the Wurmpedia Team or an editor will help get the information you've provided added to the wiki.


If you have an editor account and would like to get involved, here are a few things you can do.