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An affinity is a bonus to skill gain in a given skill or characteristic.

Each character is created with one random affinity. Skills for which you have an affinity can be seen by an asterisk symbol (*) next to their name in the skills window. (Note that players that have not been premium will not see the asterisk indicating their affinity).


The effect on experience gain is 10% per affinity, stacking up to 5 times.

Cooking Affinities

Eating prepared foods give temporary affinities, from a few seconds to many minutes, depending on the difficulty and quality of the dish. The skill the affinity is for varies for each meal and for each player.

Rare meals will give +10% longer affinities, supreme +40%, and fantastic +90%.

See cooking for more information.

Acquiring New Affinities

If you lose all your affinities, you will get a new one in a random skill in a undetermined amount of time ranging from a day to several months.

Through the methods below, it is possible to gain up to five affinities for each skill.

PvP Gained Affinities

Killing other players in combat has the chance to award an affinity, providing the following conditions are met:

  • The opponent must have an affinity
  • The opponent must have at least 20 fighting skill after death
  • Both players involved must be premium
  • Both players involved must be members of rival kingdoms
  • Affinity will go to random attacker instead of the "max attacker". If the chosen attacker already has at least 2 more affinities in the chosen skill than the killed player (before the affinity is lost), they will only have a 50% chance to gain the affinity. If they do not gain the affinity, another random attacker will get the chance instead. If no permanent affinity is gained, a week long timed affinity will be awarded to a random attacker instead. The killed player still loses the affinity.
  • All other attackers will gain a timed affinity (1-2 days duration) in the skill of the lost affinity.
  • Champions will now lose an affinity on death even if it is their only affinity.
  • If a killed player doesn't drop an affinity (due to only having one, or none as a champion, a random timed affinity between 3-6 hours will be given to all attackers.

Randomly Gained Affinities

  • When using a skill premium characters will have a chance to gain an affinity in that skill upon a successful skill check.
  • On average once every 2 hours, a character will open a 15s window of time where every successful skill check will have a chance to gain an affinity in that skill. (e.g if you are mining during this window, you could gain an affinity in mining, pickaxe, miscellaneous items, body stamina, body strength, soul strength, mind logic, mind, soul, or body)
  • The chance to gain an affinity is 1/500 if you have no affinities in that skill, 1/1000 if you have one affinity, 1/1500 if you have two affinities, 1/2000 if you have 3 affinities and 1/2500 if you have 4 affinities.
  • If an affinity is successfully gained during the 15s window, the window will reset and no more will be able to be gained until the next window on that character.
  • This window will remain open and check every skill tick until an affinity is gained or the 15 seconds is up.
  • There is a slightly higher chance to get a skill affinity over characteristics.

Random Affinities from the Marks Shop

  • A random affinity can be purchased from the Marks shop for 10000 marks. This gives you an untradeable affinity token.