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Current State

Champions have been discontinued until further notice as of the update on July 05, 2022.

The Altar of Three text

Your faith and soul are strong enough to become a Champion of <god>. 
The decision to do this is dangerous. 
You will immediately get a boost of power, granted by <god>. 
You will get some temporary bonuses to your characteristics (5 points each) and certain other skills. 
You will be able to withstand a lot more physical damage. 
Champions are expected to face dangers and assault the enemy. 
This means that unless they enter enemy territory now and then they will lose certain powers. 
Your faith and favor will be set to max, and you may not lose or change deity.
But first and foremost, your name will live in the history of Wurm forever!

Champion points

  • You start out with 0 champion points.
  • You gain 3 points for draining an enemy deed with 5+ guards.
  • You gain 30 points for being involved in a kill on an enemy champion.
  • You gain 1 point when you record a kill on an enemy with 50+ fight skill. You may gain point like this 1 time per day from the same player and 10 times from the same player.
  • You also get the champion points worth of any battle points you gain from any kill.
  • You lose 1 champion point per week down to 0.
  • You lose 1 champion point per successful item enchant spell.

Losing champion status

  • Champions have 3 lives. When they lose all 3 they are no longer a champion.
  • When you lose champion status 1 point is removed from each characteristics skill in addition to the 5 you gained when you became champion.
  • Prayer and Exorcism will be reset to 30, if you were above 30 when you champed. If you were below you will go back to the skill you were at.
  • Your channeling is reset to what it was before.
  • Faith is set to 50.
  • You can only be a champion for a maximum of 6 months. One month is 30 real life days.
  • You can't become a champion again for the next real life 6 months.
  • You can do /suicide to remove your championhood only on your last life.

Becoming a champion

  • Becoming a champion is only possible on the Chaos server.
  • To become a champion, you will need to be a priest with 50+ faith.
  • If you are a follower of Fo or Vynora, you will need to have 25 soul depth.
  • If you are a follower of Magranon or Libila, you will need to have 25 soul strength.
  • Followers of the White Light gods have to visit the Altar of Three to become a champion.
  • Followers of Libila have to visit the Bone Altar to become a champion.
  • To trigger championhood you must right click the altar and press the alternative "Realdeath"
  • Once you trigger championhood, a server wide event message is spread informing everybody on the server that you are now a champion.

e.g <Player name> is now a Champion of <God name>!


  • +5 to all characteristics skills.
  • Faith set to 99.99 (you can continue to pray & gain faith, but only at about 0.000010). You can however sermon and gain faith as normal.
  • Faith bonus is set to 50 when not in another gods influence.
  • 50 is added to all of the skills Praying, Channeling and exorcism, up to a maximum of 80.
  • You receive a 60% damage reduction bonus which stacks with armour, so you will take lower damage wounds from hits compared to a normal player.
  • You will get a new title: Champion of <your god>(this title can not be turned off, but it does not affect other titles. So you can be a 'Blacksmith Champion of Fo' for example).
  • You can't lose your deity.
  • On death, you will not lose any battle rank.