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Bashing is the use of some item to violently strike and thus destroy some other item or structure.


  • You must have at least 21 body strength to bash.
  • Activate the item with which you will do the bashing, then right-click the item to be bashed and select "destroy" or "bash".


  • Different items bash different things with varying efficacy. For example, it seems that carving knives work best in bashing rope fences and many wooden objects. Large mauls work well on stone items.
  • Bashing is not an official skill nor does it carry a title of any sort.
  • The quality of the item doing the bashing also seems to have a considerable effect on the efficacy of each bash action.
  • Followers of some religions may find bashing to be a conflict. Toggling religious devotion is one way around this.
  • On-deed, deed rules and permission settings apply and can thus prohibit or allow bashing.
  • Wooden items made from oak receive a 25% bonus to resilience against bashing damage.
  • Items made of lead provide a 20% bonus to the damage caused with each bash action.
  • Some creatures are also able to bash and destroy certain structures.
  • Bashing/destroying items can be done while moving. Bashing structures can not be done while moving.
  • Various metals do more or less damage when bashing ranging from lead being the best and zinc being the worst.
  • Bashing planted items will lower their effective quality by (Damage in decibles * Quality of item)
  • Quality vs damage.png
  • Planted items lowered to 10 effective quality, or hit 70 damage, will become unplanted.