Blood of the angels

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Blood of the angels
A Blood of the angels

This item cannot be crafted.


1 Blood of the angels (0.1 kg)

Skill and improvement

Main / Sorcery Items / Blood of the angels


A crystal vial containing a shining liquid.


  • Spell granted: Continuum (20% damage reduction for duration)
  • Spell granted: Mirrored Self (Creates 3 illusions only enemies can see)
  • Resistance: Acid 15% (Decreases acid damage taken by 15%)
  • Weakness: Cold 10% (Increases cold damage taken by 10%)

Item Use Requirements

You need to be standing in a 3x3 flat area in order to use this.
You need to be in the vicinity of a holy altar.
You need to be deep in the barren desert, where nothing ever grows.

Can be used at any altar in a 3x3 flat area, inside at least 51x51 desert area.