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Some animals including horses, cows, bulls, pigs and pheasants can be branded using a branding iron. Branding works only when on a deed you are a member of. Once branded, examining the animal shows the village it belongs to and allows members of that village to lead it, no matter where it is.

  • On PvE servers branded animals cannot be attacked by another player unless they have the correct permissions.
  • Branded horses have the same protection when dead as when alive (until the next server restart), meaning only those who have permissions may take items from the corpse.
  • PvE also prevents the sacrificing of branded animals.
  • The maximum number of branded and unbranded animals per deed (PvE) is (number of tiles)/15.
    • You can see the number of branded animals in Settlement info: The tile per creature ratio of this deed is 45.621952. Optimal is 15.0 or more. This is a good figure. There are 35 creatures currently branded.
  • When a deed disbands, all brands are removed from their animals.
  • Only premium players are allowed to brand animals.
  • Branding only applies to the server you branded the animal on. If you cross over to another server, that animal is not considered branded on the new server.


  • Heat the branding iron to "it is hot" or hotter.
  • Make sure you and the animal are within the deed you are a member of.
  • Activate the branding iron, right-click the animal, and select Brand.
  • After use, the branding iron appears to lose 0.10 Quality instead of taking actual damage.

Messages given when branding:

You prepare to brand [animal, e.g. Young fat horse].
Determined, you raise your branding iron.
The [animal] makes a horrible sound as you press your branding iron against it.

When examining the animal after branding, it will say: "It has been been branded by and belongs to the settlement of [Settlement]."

Once branded, members of that village can lead the animal anywhere, even on deeds that they don't belong to. You still need a rope to lead it.

Animals cannot be branded when hitched.


To unbrand an animal, simply use the branding iron on that animal again. You can also unbrand in the manage animals menu.

Messages while unbranding using a branding iron:

You prepare to remove brand on a [animal].
You promptly raise your branding iron.
The [animal] makes a horrible sound as you press your branding iron against it and remove the brand.

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