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Dragon scale armour worn by a female Wurmian.

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Dragon scale armour is a relatively rare and hard to obtain armour in the game. Made out of the scales of a dragon, this kind of armour is superior to plate armour, while being extremely light-weight. It is one of the best armours available in the game, and has a walking speed penalty of 5.4%, faster than all but cloth armour.

Dragon scale armour is created by using dragon scales on a large anvil. It is improved with leatherworking tools. Creation and improvement uses the plate armour smithing skill. The scales do not have to be heated to create armour pieces.

Dragon scale armour is tough to make, at 90 platesmithing using a 99.00QL large anvil you get:

Item Chance
Dragon scale jacket 94%
Dragon scale pants 98%
Dragon scale boot 99%
Dragon scale sleeve 99%
Dragon scale glove 99%

Creation Material Requirements

Item Weight
Dragon scale jacket 2.20 kg
Dragon scale pants 1.20 kg
Dragon scale boot 0.50 kg
Dragon scale sleeve 0.40 kg
Dragon scale glove 0.30 kg
Full Set 5.80 kg

Damage Reduction

Quality Reduction
10 18.30%
20 30.20%
30 40.70%
40 49.80%
50 57.50%
60 63.80%
70 68.70%
80 72.20%
90 74.30%
100 75.00%


  • Dragon scale armour is improved with regular leather.
  • There is no head protection piece made from scale.
  • Different color scales can be combined, but the color of scale will be the one that is currently Active.