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Jenn-Kellon home settlement

This was a Jenn-Kellon (white light) settlement on the now deleted home server.


For what we cherish today shall we relinquish tomorrow.

Size 10 Village





Chalice was disbanded on April 9th 2009 due to the Village not being intended to face KVK concerns. Due to the vulnerable village design it was decided that it was not worth the effort of altering the area for defense.


The concept of Chalice is of an open and casual feeling village design while maintaining a high degree of symmetry. Using the Mapper I was able to plan the basic idea fairly easily. Creating three tiers starting at water level and raising up to xx at its top level the village provides a tidy example of what can be done with terraforming while still utilizing the space efficiently.

The name is a reference to a sphere of magic (the chalice of osiomax) created for use in the aD&D tabletop rpg and the building names reflect the general concepts of this. In this case visitors may find the names a bit strange which may add a sense of mystery to the town. The village itself is not inhabited by villagers though visitors may use beds in the inn and two guests houses provide beds for those that come to assist with deed construction or local projects. With this in mind the only citizens on the deed are Sppt and Raidsoft(and his priest alt Dynok) along with the deed holder Levex(alt of Levedara). Also citizens are Wossoo and Miggy though they are primarily residents of the wild server city of Kyara. None of these project members however live on the deed full time.


  • 1 Depths - Stone - Boat house, storing construction items relevant to shipbuilding.
  • 2 Oblivion - Stone - The Inn which holds 6 beds priced at 25i to rent.
  • 3 The Chalice - Wood - Central storage and Private trader.
  • 4 Devour - Wood - Cookhouse and Cloth tailoring.
  • 5 Division - Stone - Merchant building.
  • 6 Fallacies - Stone - Alchemy and Leather working shop.
  • 7 Voidforge - Wood - Smithy & Carpentry storage.
  • 8 Hole in the Wall - Wood - Guesthouse complete with bed & private yard.
  • 9 Void in the Space - Wood - Guesthouse complete with bed & private yard.
  • 10 Throne - Stone - Mansion complete with bed, dining arrangement, personal work spaces and balcony.
  • 11 Mantle - Stone - Mansion complete with bed, dining arrangement, personal work spaces and balcony.


Chalice is approximate 1 hour and 15 minutes walk/swim from Newtown if one chooses a good route. This is much hastened if one owns a boat and docks on the western shore. Close to its north western corner is the homestead of Among the Hills, owned by Martinus and to the South across the lake is Norgarde, a homestead owned by Starshaker. Extrusion has planted his own size 5 homestead, Semper Fidelis to the South West, and created the following local area map.



  • Levedara - Deed owner, primary designer. General terraforming and construction.
  • Raidsoft - General design help, Terraforming & Construction.
  • Rockcliff - Tool donations, crop donations & food - Special thanks to Uzetaab, Annette & Keyos.
  • Dashiva - Food & Basic tools.
  • Martinus - Digging, dirt delivery & general building supplies.
  • Trinexx - Digging.
  • Miggy - Carpentry, floorboards, and building supplies.
  • Thorgot - Carpentry, boat supplies and floorboards.
  • Sppt - Masonry and general construction.

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